Audrey and Ariah

Audrey and Ariah

From their mom....

Audrey and Ariah touched the lives of those individuals who were blessed enough to experience their beaming smiles, their joyous laughter, and their playful manner. For those of you who were robbed of the opportunity to know my precious angels, let me tell you a little bit about them.   

My girls were perfect opposites. They were as different as night and day, but it was through those differences that my girls danced as one on this earth. 

Audrey, the older sister, was the more adventurous of the two. She was a carefree, precocious, risk-taking leader. Ariah, on the other hand, was quiet, thoughtful, and refined like a little lady.    


Audrey loved the thrill of getting on the exhilarating rides at the amusement parks. Ariah delighted in sitting back, eyes wide open, watching her daring sister scream and holler as she whizzed by on the roller coaster.   

Audrey pranced around the house barefoot, but if she had to wear shoes, she'd thrown on a pair of sneakers to play football, her favorite sport, with the boys. Ariah, being the more "girly" of the two, snuck around closets looking for high heels in which to strut around. The more sparkly, the more colorful, the higher, the better.        


"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." Audrey often sang that song. Up above the world so high, she is now the twinkle in every little star. Ariah, always dressed so elegantly in her princess dresses and sparkly shoes with hair braided like Princess Elsa, would rather sing, "Let It Go." I hope she realizes just how difficult it is to let her let them go.  

What goes well with just about any food? If you asked Audrey, she would respond, "ketchup." And if it was served with hot cheetos or junk food, well, the meal just couldn't be better. If you asked Ariah the same question, the answer would be, "vegetables." Bring on the tomatoes, carrots, and bell peppers. During our last meal together, she asked the waiter for "extra olives, please."  


 Snakes, bugs, and other little critters. Audrey enjoyed hunting them down and playing with them. She found the family pet snake quite amusing as it slithered around her hand and through her fingers. No bug was too slimy or scary for her. Ariah - she's a different story. "Ew," is how she reacted to the little critters. She would much rather play with a soft and furry creature that did not squirm or crawl - her favorite toy, a stuffed animal named, "Bun-Buns."  


Everywhere that Audrey went, Ariah was sure to follow. Sometimes I would see Audrey racing up the stairs - up to no good for sure. Tailing right after her was Ariah - her heels clicking rapidly up the steps as to not miss out on the action. And to the very end, this is how they carried on. Audrey went to heaven first. Ariah, not wanting to be left behind, followed her sister shortly thereafter. She had to be with her big sister, after all. 

If their ties as sisters were strong on Earth, they are now in Heaven bonded together in the strongest of ways.